Rosario Abate

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Rosario Abate has always been passionate about photography and contemporary art; after many years of nomadic life between Europe and the US as a manager of multinationals, finally he lives and works in Switzerland.

His works have been exhibited in Italy, France and Switzerland.




- Impressioni; Galleria Spazio IX, Genova.




- Spazi; Rivareno,  Milan.


- Artworks; Satura, Genoa.






- Miraggi; Galleria Spazio IX, Genoa.


- Artè; Genoa.






- Exposition d'art contemporain; Espace Cosmopolis, Nantes.



- Latitudes; Palazzo Ducale, Genoa.


- Photissima; Turin


- Oltre il Segno; Satura, Genoa.                                oltre il segno



- Boscolo Art Gallery, Milan.





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